Who We Are

We BELIEVE in the value of mentoring.

Our Mission

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatchewan has been making a positive difference by developing and implementing a broad range of mentoring programs and serving as role models in our communities. Our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school and of having respect for family, peers, and community. Each time we pair a child with a mentor, we start something incredible. A life changing relationship built on friendship, trust, and empowerment.

Our member agencies work together, to collaborate on initiatives that can leverage our provincial capacity that will support the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatchewan.

Who We Are!

With many years of combined experience, our team is always on the ground floor facilitating meaningful relationships between mentors and the youth of Saskatchewan. “We love what we do, and we have a blast doing it.” Join in the fun and dare to be a kid again. Start Something!

Member Agencies